Tennessee Craftsman, INC.
Tennessee Craftsman, INC.

Tennessee Craftsman: Building Homes in Cleveland & Charleston, TN Since 1987.

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Tennessee Craftsman is a general contractor, specializing in residential & small commercial. Have been in the constuction business for over 30 years. Started from the ground up. Educated myself in all types of constuction.Started out as a labor for numerous construction companpies, Learned hard work and the pride in doing something with ur mind and hands.Started carring block and mixing mud. to being carpenter runing my own crews for contractors, to owning and runing my own construction co. Staying up with the newest tecnology, but also staying with the old pride of doing a good job. Have done jobs in the Charleston and Cleveland area for 30 years. Building businesses and homes for many different people. Involved in the comminity with different organizations, to better serve every one. We treat every one with the most care and concern posible. To better help them with their dreams.

What We Do

We are a local business based in Cleveland TN for the past 30 years.We specialize in custom built homes and major renovations.. We can design a home for you or build from your plans. All homes are treated with craftsmenship from a small starter home size. To a very spacouse mantion.We have built homes from 400 sq ft to 20000 sq ft.Our detail to your home is matched by no one.The custom design work we provide will make you stand out from others.We have built homes in many other states also. We are used to any type of design u can throw our way.  So give us a call @ 423-476-1323.

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We start early on, to make your home just right

Meet Our People

All of our team are highly qualified individuals with degrees in Structural design or construction. We exclusively employ personal with long-term construction experience in order to ensure optimum results. For the plans most suited for your needs. All of our staff are trained professionals in their feild.

 Each and every job is important to us small or large.

We're proud of our achievements. Our projects page lets you explore our portfolio. It showcases a sampling of our finished work and features a selection of photos demonstrating our capabilities. An very specail interest in ur ideas also.

Contact Us

Tennessee Craftsman

312 Mowery Ln NW

Charleston, Tennessee 37310


Tennessee Craftsman

 200 Harle Ave.

Cleveland TN 37311


Phone: (423) 476-1323

Fax: (423) 472-7003

E-mail: nelsonben@bellsouth.net

Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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